Saturday, April 20, 2013

Christmas Yarn Knitting

Son used for weaving. However, you can create many things with thread. It is not necessary to know to make simple crafts knitted from the son. All you need is a little creativity to find interesting shops son. From decorative elements low cost Christmas decorations, knitting yarn can be used to create beautiful objects. For preschoolers, personalized cards that are made of wool is another good idea. For girls who like to dress up, you beautiful hair accessories and pins are formed of wire.

The balls of wool
Things necessary

Colorful knitting yarn

To make it easy crafts for kids, you have to fly out, and tie it at one end of a rope. In a bowl, add a little water to the glue to make it thinner and nose. Apply glue over the entire surface of the globe with the brush and then again with a layer of newspaper strip that was torn into 1-inch thick paper. Be sure to cover the entire surface of the balloon with newspaper strips. Apply another layer of glue on the paper, then wrap random knitting yarn on the ball. You can use different colored son weaving for more variety. Once you have covered the entire surface of the balloon with the yarn, hang to dry overnight. Interrupt with a needle and blown into the balloon through a slot in the wire. Its beautiful ball of yarn is finished and can be used as a Christmas ornament or a piece of nature.

Tassel Necklace Wire
Things necessary

Thread your choice of color
A pair of sharp scissors
2 ½ square of cardboard

This is a great craft for kids to make at home. Place the cardboard square on the desk and wrap the wire on him. Node resistance after a box to attach the cable. Now start wrapping the thread pointing to the square of cardboard, making it go well. Keep wrapping until the whole place is covered with cardboard over. Now, take a long piece of wire under the top edge of the box and then tie in a tight knot. Now drag the square of wire wrapped cardboard and attach another piece of thread ½ inch from the top. The grommet thread root, a pair of scissors. Your tassel necklace is wire ready.

Wire Flower
Things necessary

A plastic pallet
The discussions in two different colors (blue and brown)

To make this beautiful art of the child, you must first wrap a brown wire 20 cm long and wrapped around the center pin of the plastic fork. To both ends of the brown line. From there it is blue and the wind between the first and second prongs on the fork over. Adding a short blue wire end than the other. Starting yarn and blue looping on the first and third outlet. When you get to the third part, knitting wool dyed again last pick and second front. Continue to work the blue wire in this manner until you reach the top of the fork. Cut the blue wire leaving about 2 inches. Take the brown wire to the pin in the midrange, and then tie the two ends of the wire together. Carefully woven wire fork and a little wrinkle. Tie a knot with brown and a little blue plush fabric flower shape.

These three trades son for children. Your kids can have fun creating beautiful and simple crafts with different colored son.

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