Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ideas raincoats from yarn knitting for Kid

The rainy season is a symbol of greenery dotted around, fun and frolic, fun, dirty boots, raincoats, colorful awnings and a cup of hot chocolate. For kids, make paper boats and say goodbye in puddles adds meaning to the season. But the paper boats are not the only option for crafts that kids can choose to do and have fun. There are a number of craft ideas that kids love to build. Also, crafts made at home. Therefore it is not necessary for their children to go out in the rain and get their share of fun when you can have inside tablespoons. Dotted here are some of the most exciting days of rain can feast your kids full of fun and enjoyment.

Dominant ideas

Lunch meeting
When the sky have made your mind to pay operosely, why not do a project that would transform a lunchbox seeking a fun-loving gray! Unleash your imagination and make the most of it, pronto! Desktop folder is a must for this activity to get in shape. Pens permanent markers, art / design, confetti and working papers. Now is where your creativity comes in gray. Draw your favorite cartoon character, draw stick figures, panoramic image, or chalk a good model ... enough to create and maintain these flying imagination wings.

Give a seed of love
Colossal display of emotion cards, especially those who are married with words. With a few sheets of colored construction paper, you'll be on your way to creating a fold of love and gratitude. First, zero down on a board as a garment. Then distribute newspapers store room. Sift through and cut alphabet that would help form the message. Cut the cards in different colors and shapes. The change in font size would increase the message aesthetic bonus. Paste the letters on construction paper to form meaningful words, and the message. In fact, many believed rainy day!

Go Lacey
Ropes has never been a muse for some. Why not change the trend? These sad spiral cords via the links in their shoes deserve a makeover. You can do this by itself, however, a companion that helps you to see through the task better. Have your friend hold one end of the string as you lace trimmings. glitter pens, markers, labels, glue, miniature stencil Palmitas set are additives that seems right now!

Charms coronal
This is perfect for breaking the dull hum of a rainy day. You are so faithful companion - paper art - can play the main character. Freehand certain shapes or patterns, colors and knitting at the same distance from a viscose luxury. If drawing shapes is monotonous, it is possible to trace the clouds, raindrops, lightning or an umbrella to celebrate the spirit of the rain.

When the dough with you on your platform, you do not have to worry about how to make your rainy day interesting. With clay, you can make a series of small objects. You can make a snowman, an umbrella, utensils, Halloween pumpkins, polka dot dress ... Well, you name it and you can do it! Yes, it's that simple. You can also color your creations, leaving room for a few hours. For the dough, it is possible that it is, itself, or have picked up at a store nearby. The choice is yours!

Fun bookmarks
If you are fond of reading, why not register! You can make colored markers adopting construction documents and keep track of your favorite cartoon characters, flowers, kittens, puppies ... almost nothing. Cut out the shapes you have created and placed in a thin wooden stick. Probably, you can stick shapes on Popsicle sticks. Let your favorite RPG that man, when the sticks feel: free pages would consolidate adjacent bone dry.

Collage collection
Your friend's birthday is coming up? Here is an idea of ​​art that entertains audiences with days casually rain, and remains ready to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors. You can get some of his pictures, crop them and put them together to make a collage of pictures. This would be a handmade gift to your dear friend. You can also start a few pages of an old magazine and cut into even smaller pieces. Keep a loan construction paper in which he describes a fruit or an animal of your choice. pieces of adhesive paper with glue inside the drawn figure.

Thunderstorms thermocol
Why not get thermocol Have fun with? You can get a sheet of thermocol and cut four small circles, one medium and one more chance. Paste support thermocol circle in the largest. Now, the two small paste on each side of the largest circle of rotation, to be close to an average size. You can place two small circles on the large circle, side by side, not even close to the second pair of small circles placed. You have a miniature snow man ready! You can make small black dots indicate buttons on her jacket, knit a cone stationery in the face with a pointed nose, with two little eyes made with a black marker. Dip cotton in red paint and let dry. At the intersection of medium and large thermocol circle to indicate a scarf in the neck! You can also cut out the shape and color of lightning strikes your heart desires!

Make a windmill paper by adopting a graph of documents and the splash of color in it. But before you splash or spray paint, craft cut into circles and spray paints knives paper. Fold the circle in half circle and fold the semicircle in a perfect way. You can open it now and see the pattern that is formed on the surface of the circle. Now, mini-pleat 1 cm so that the circle design looks like a hand fan China man! Glue the circle on a solid staff. You can also place in the middle of a sharp stick in one hand. You have a top now! Turn up and sees a mirage of drawings

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